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Book:Wisdom Prevails
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The Satanic Diseases Part 01

The Satanic Diseases Part 02

The Philosophy of Monotheism by Qamrul Khanson






About The Author 


Qamrul A. Khanson is a Spiritually Intelligent Muslim scholar who has mastered wisdom in human life, spirituality, spiritual treatment, spiritual healing, psychological healing and matters affecting Monotheistic belief.  He holds Masters degree in Science.


He had his Islamic studies by associating with Jamiat Dar Al Birr and Jamiat Al Islah Wa Taujeeh; Dubai, UAE and learning The-Qur'an and Ahadith under the scholastic teachings of noted Scholars Late Sheikh Dr. Mahfoozur Rahman (RUA), Sheikh Abdul Rahman Arif (AYF) and Sheikh Abdul Razzaque Abdul Ghaffar (AYF) of Dubai. However, this author established his path by truly understanding the teachings of Late Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Bin Baaz (RUA) whom he met in Mecca during the Hajj 1990 and Late Sheikh Muhammad Nasir Uddin Albany (RUA).


On interfaith matters, this author also affiliated with the teachings of Sheikh Ahmed Hussein Deedat (RUA).  Associated further for the purpose of studies with Catholic, Unification and Coptic churches and followed an inquisitive path of holistic studies, which led him to write two books; The Satanic Diseases, The Philosophy of Monotheism. Later the internal urge and need of the time compelled him to write Book: The Dreamer, Book: Wisdom Prevails and the latest book with the title of Psychological Healing.   


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He is a Dairy Specialist by profession and mastered Dairy Technology in India, and obtained extra qualification in Advanced Food Hygiene from Scotland, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points from UAE, Quality Assurance Program and QMI Lead Auditor qualifications from Ontario, Canada. Being in the Dairy Food industry for almost twenty seven years, he finally wrote a book on food safety; An Introduction to HACCP. 


Qamrul A. Khanson is an Indian born Canadian citizen, a practicing Friday Imam and he has written and published seven books to date. If the readers want any answers to their questions with reference to Islam, Spirituality, and about his books they can always contact him through E-Mail.





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