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Question: Peace on you. Spiritual healing is one of the most important subjects in a mu´min´s life. It is a very good subject to focus at and work for. However, we need to be sure if the standards by which we do this are in any way in accordance with the divine principles. In His wonderful Qur’an Allah commands us to never spread any information that has not been verified personally by reliable data. Otherwise all our faculties will be held responsible for it on the Day of Judgement. Please see e.g. Qur’an 17/36. Furthermore, all assumption is forbidden by Qur’an and strictly sinful in the eyes of our Lord.

I inquire about your "Transgender Islamic Cure”. And I ask you about any verified reliable case that you know of in which a transgendered individual has been healed and become happy by treatment through male hormones.
If you cannot come up with any verified reliable case your statement is pure assumption, unfortunately.

I also ask you if you know about any verified reliable case of a transgendered individual being healed and happy by the continual recitals that you suggest.
If you cannot come up with any verified reliable case your statement is void in the eyes of Allah.

Verified reliable cases also need to be found with regard to the other healing methods in your book.

I also want to let you know that while the issue surely is controversial there are still also to be found numerous fatwa’s Both from classical Islamic times and modern times that judge transgenderism as a no healable condition and a natural part of Allah´s creation. The opposite opinion was and is present, yes.
But still you should not present the issue as if there was a clear ijma on it. There is none and was none.

Furthermore, I would like you to consider the following scientific and medical data:

May Allah guide us to the best knowledge,
Leyla Jagiella


8/22/2007 20:57:12

 Answer: Peace Be Upon you

Transgender like any psychological illness, if it is considered psychological could well be healed by the trial dosages given by a medical practioner. However, like any disease, this cannot be considered as a sure shot but a probable remedy. Though most of the suffering transgender would refuse to take it because of their psychological inclination of the opposite.

About the Qur’anic verses used as remedy, it is solely based on one's spiritual condition. The one, who does not believe in the healing power of The-Qur'anic verses, may not reap the benefits. It is more to do with one's sense of piety and sense of dependence towards Almighty Alloh. The one who discards the notion that "that the Qur'an is Shifa Wa Rahmah for the Mo’mineen" could hardly benefit unless Almighty Alloh decides otherwise.

Most of the transgender are adamant to change whatever they feel inclined with. In order to avoid any un-necessary surgical procedures unless biologically needed, the above two remedies are the possibilities. No one can present a proven data but a certain degree of significance in a statistical standard.

The information provided in my book is general and not specifically guaranteed as with any sought remedy. It is up to the patient to seek what is best for him through professional and spiritual help.


Qamrul A. Khanson

Question:  What is the proof that Iblees was not angel before   his refusal to bow in front of Adam (PBUH) as per the command of Almighty Alloh? (Anonymous -Mississauga; Canada April 09 - 2005)

Answer: Let us see in the following Ayaat what Almighty Alloh said in The Last Testament Qur’an: -

                        "We (your Lord Almighty Alloh) created you (oh children of Adam), then we shaped you, and then we said to the angels (and the residents of Heaven), "Fall prostrate before Adam". They fell prostrate, except Iblees (Satan); he was not with the prostrators. He said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I ordered you"? He said, "I am better than he; You created me from fire, and created him from mud" {The Qur’an – Surah Al A`raaf (Chapter: The Purgatory) 07:11 – 12}.

"We (your Lord Almighty Alloh) said to the angels (and the residents of Heaven), "Fall prostrate before Adam". They fell prostrate, except Satan. He was from the jinn (community), for he disobeyed the order of His Lord. Will you choose him and his descendants as lords instead of Me, even though they are your enemies - What a miserable substitute {The Qur’an – Surah Al Kahaf (Chapter: The Cave) 18:50}.  Please note, Iblees mentions his creation from fire, which is the correct characteristic of Jinn while angels have been created from light. Then Almighty Alloh testifies that Iblees, who disobeyed Almighty Alloh, is from the Jinn community (not from angels).

Question: Can I combine Salat Az Zuhar with Salat Al Asr?

Answer: Once in his lifetime, The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) combined his Salat Az Zuhar and Salat Al Asr as well as Salat Al Maghrib with Salat Al Aisha while staying at home in Medina and without any reason. When asked by his companions (RTA) he replied: I (SAW) do not want my future community to suffer (due to lack of time).

It means, in present day busy job schedule, we are permitted to combine our Salat Az Zuhar with Salat Al Asr and combine Salat Al Maghrib with Salat Al Aisha. Mind you this relief is already overwhelmingly applied when a Mo’min is on travel or in an expedition where he/she lacks time. Those who suffer from illnesses of the kind which renders them lapse in their Salat; they could also combine the said Salawat. However, it should not be a regular practice other than when it is really needed.

Question: How would you define Qhaleefah? (Abdul Razzaque: Dubai) April 01-2006

Answer: Qhaleefah is one who exercises the authority delegated to him by Almighty Alloh and His Last Messenger Muhammad (SAW), and does so in the capacity of his appointment as a head of state. This term has been used in The-Qur’an with reference to man: 'Just think when your Lord said to the angels: Lo! I am about to place a Qhaleefah on earth (The-Qur’an - 2:30). At certain places in The-Qur’an, Qholafaa (pl.) also means people with power to mobilize all that is on earth (The-Qur’an - 27:62). Successors or inheritors who will inherit the earth and succeed one after another are mentioned in the divine revelations (The-Qur’an - 24:55; 38:26). In the political history of Islam, Qhaleefah became the title of the successors of The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW), notably the first four Rightly-Guided Caliphs known as al-Qholafaa Al-Rashidoun (11-35 AH, 632-655 C.E.). With the establishment of the Umayyad hereditary rule immediately after this, the institution of the Caliphate changed into monarchy. Yet the rulers called themselves Caliphs. Formally the institution of the Caliphate came to an end in 1924 C.E. when Kamal Ataturk of Turkey arbitrarily declared its abolition. The religious and political head of the state for the Muslim’s nation.

Question: What do you mean by Qhaleefatulloh? (Ateeque Chishti: Dubai) March 29-2006

Answer: A ruler who rules a nation as per the divine covenants received from Almighty Alloh. However, this word should not be used as it has many different concepts and meanings, which are Shirk in the authority of Almighty Alloh. The terms like vicegerent of Almighty Alloh, successor of Almighty Alloh relate to certain commentaries, which are absolutely forbidden in Islam. Neither can anyone be vice of Almighty Alloh in his authority nor can no one replace or succeed Almighty Alloh in His authority and Omnipotence. Thus the word Qhaleefatulloh shall not be used for anyone. Man could be Qhaleefah Fil Ard.

Question: What you explain of Wahdat - Ul - Wajood and Wahdat - Ul -  Shahud? (Kashif Ibad-Ulloh: Kuala Lampur Malayasia) March 25 - 2006

Answer: Wahdat-Ul-Wajood: This sentence or phrase to me, gives the notion that Almighty Alloh is present everywhere because of His Almighty’s Omnipotence. But His Almighty’s Physical being present in Arsh Mu’alla where Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was called on Isra and Mairaj. In another place, it is mentioned that Almighty Alloh comes down to 7th sky at the time of Tahajjud to seek His serving-slaves asking His Almighty’s Forgiveness. Though in Malaysia, people may be in Tahajjud but in Canada, it could still be Asr - Maghrib. That means, Almighty Alloh is not a solid object, as one may perceive, He is light (The-Qur’an), He could go physically anywhere and be physically present to everyone as per His WILL. By His Omnipotence, He is present everywhere (Wallohu Alam).

Unfortunately, many scholars have made it a contentious issue and argument goes on unending and often reach to a bitter  stage. Almighty Alloh says: WE HAVE CREATED HUMAN AND WE ARE MORE CLOSE TO HIM THAN HIS JUGULAR VEIN. This is the verse from the Qur’an. This testifies that Almighty Alloh knows what is in our hearts and what is open to public. His Almighty sustains even microorganisms like virus, which is less than a micron, while dealing with whole universe does not burden Him. That is His Almighty’s Omnipotence because: Hua-Allohu Ala Kulli Shai-in Qadeer.

Wahdat-Ul-Shahud: Everything in existence in whole of universe is due to the presence of Almighty Alloh & everything gives Shahadah (witness) of Almighty Alloh's Existence".


Wahdat-Ul-Shahud is the beginning of the Sulouk (i.e., spiritual journey of a Spiritually Intelligent Believer) and Wahdat-Ul-Wajood its ultimate and perfected state (belief in Tauheed Al Kamil).    


Hope your sought clarification is explained to your satisfaction.




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