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Dreaming is a positive aspect of future endeavours and its accomplishment comes through motivation out of dreaming the future. The process of envisioning heralds many numinous dreams and synchronistic events that offer a spiritual growth, forgiveness, and healing, new life with a sensual meaning. The process of Envisioning through dreams is like using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses. Envisioning is nothing less than a divine communication though evil interruptions in envisioning warn of certain illicit and illegal aspects of a human life. Although an ordinary person may not realise the importance of Dreams and how or why envisioning works, it is certain that the very nature of human creation is controlled and guided through Almighty Alloh which is communicated in our subconscious self. That is why all Spiritually Intelligent Believers (SIB) should learn how to understand the meaning of dreams by oneself and that is why intuition must be developed through The Qur’anic and Wise Textual understandings. This is a soul faculty, which is usually atrophied in human beings.

In order to develop correct perception from the dreams, it's necessary to know oneself as well as going through a process of psychological purification and that's why Islam invites towards Shahadah that is Allegiance to Almighty The-God and His Messenger Muhammad and with immediate connectivity to five times prayers that is Salat Al Qhamisa. There are dreams that correspond to messages from Almighty Alloh to humans, from the Inner Divine Communication (IDC) to each person, each disciple. These messages from Almighty The-God are different and we called them in Gnostic Science "experiences". Prophets, Messengers, Saints, and nobles experienced their levels of envisionings while we simple humans experience our level of envisioning only getting guidance as per the time and necessity of ours.

Of course, the background knowledge, religion, religiosity, cultural diversity and systematic existence of a person in this world play an important roles to relay the type of dreams to each and every human identity.

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