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Transgender (Mukhannatun) is generally used as an overarching term for a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies along the gender continuum that are in opposition to or in divergence from the gender role (woman or man) commonly, but not always, assigned for life at birth. Transgender is the state of one's identity not matching one's assigned gender, which is usually based on physical/genetic sex, or of falling into multiple categories in terms of gender and sexual identification. Transgender is inclusive of such diverse categories as transvestism, transsexualism, and any other traits and behaviours not typically associated with one's assigned gender.

A far greater range of human sexuality and gender identities exist than have been traditionally identified in Western culture. The only way to determine how many distinct classes exist, however, is to list them in terms of those classes which are mutually exclusive, partially exclusive, or inclusive, then crunch the numbers.

Transgender is less frequently used to specifically refer to people whose gender identity or appearance is in an "in-between" state, rather than as an umbrella term. A newer related term is genderqueer, which refers to the mixing of qualities traditionally associated with male and female, and can also refer to the in-between sense sometimes associated with transgenderism. Most people who self-identify as genderqueer would use "transgender" solely as an umbrella term. If physical appearance, gender perfectness and general behaviour is same than the inner feeling, it is still a Transgender Hidden Symptoms (TGHS) syndrome which can be treated without any surgical gender change.

Mukhannathun is an Arabic word defining the people who are born with male sexual organs and behave like male but inside there is a strong urge to become a girl. Such people hate the gender they are born and strive to become girl through hormonal therapy and later gender change through surgery.

In Islam, if a Mukhannath is normal in his sexual behaviour, by physical appearance and by physical activities, but his inner perception is strong to change his gender. Then it is a physiological disorder which should be treated through medicinal therapy which may involve to change his hormonal level stronger for what he is born. Male hormones would allow him to behave more like man and think like man rather than female. Change of sexual organs is not desired in islam and anyone suffering from transgender syndrome shall be treated spiritually and with patience.

Transgender Hidden Symptoms (TGHS) can be successfully treated with the following Zikroperational therapy by the patient himself, while parents could help complete supplications concurrently.


  • A continual recital of following Kalimat would gradually remove the feeling of a conflicting gender within a male or female. Firsr recite eleven times Salawat Ala Nabi Muhammad (SAW), then recite atleast 101 times the following Kalimah:


Aouzow Billahi Minn Shuroori Annfusina Wa Minn Sayyiati Aomaalina


Then close the recitation by reciting eleven times Salawat Ala Nabi Muhammad (SAW).



  • Firsr recite eleven times Salawat Ala Nabi Muhammad (SAW), then recite atleast 101 times Surah Falaque and Surah An Naas. Then close the recitation by reciting eleven times Salawat Ala Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

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