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 The very concept of marriage is divine, religious and based on heavenly books of Almighty The-God which describes the marriage as a union between a male and female human or jinn to cover each other and multiply in generations and live in tranquility and peace. Thus marriage being a technically religious word cannot be used for non-religious purposes as it alters the very concept of it and infringes one’s religious belief and tenets. Thus marriage is a sacred union between male and female humans ordained and protected by nature of Almighty The-God and shall not be corrupted by non-religious entities. Marriage is a fundamental social institution that does not exist just for the sexual emotional satisfaction of two individuals but for the greater good of the community, which stands under the blessings of Almighty.

In Islam, the bond of marriage between male human and female human is sacred and it is achieved through a contract witnessed by parents and arranged witnesses by the command of Almighty Alloh. Before marriage, the boys and girls are prohibited to meet in isolation and a formal friendship between a girl and boy is restricted to essential needs only in order to avoid a detailed familiarity and emotional attractions. Otherwise, very concept of marriage may not prolong long when people get together with girls freely creating a comparative inborn psychological feeling, which could not prolong marriages or disrupt it to futility. The Muslim boys and girls would refrain intermingling with each other in privacy as well as in open unless institutional or formal work needs such a meeting or conversation in institutionalized location. Islam restricts male and female interactions in order to develop husband wife bond in such a way that helps nourish children, love, affection, respect and they do not even allow interference from anyone other than their own collective decisions between husband and wife. The same but more guarded restriction is between boy-to-boy and girl-to-girl relationships where they could meet in isolation but cannot share the same bed at home, hotel or in tourist spots or wherever a sense of homosexuality or lesbian attitude provokes their emotions. Homosexuality and lesbian relationships are Haram and devastating to Muslims belief of existence in this living world.

Marriage Of Male And Female Sanctified:

When Almighty The-God created a partner for Adam (PBUH) He created Eve - not another Adam (PBUH). This means that perfect partnership requires some level of difference as well as a level of similarity so great that Adam could cry out loudly, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh". Heterosexuality is the normal, natural and respectful method of human bonding and the one for which our soul, body, spirit, physique and emotions are designed. If Almighty The-God had intended the human race to be fulfilled through both heterosexual and homosexual marriages, He would have designed our bodies to allow reproduction through both means and made both means of sexual intercourse healthy and natural, which is not the case. The western liberals who dare to challenge Almighty’s guidance by pro-actively supporting same sex marriage are ignoring the Christian religious literature.

"And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet" (Romans 01:27)-22.

When Almighty’s Unique Messenger Jesus (PBUH) was asked questions about marriage he went straight back to the defining passages in Genesis that say that marriage is between male and female and is meant to be life long. He saw the creation accounts in Genesis as authoritative in His day. And what is authoritative for Jesus (PBUH) is authoritative for Christians also. While Jesus did not specifically teach on homosexuality, but he cursed the act of same sex sexual acts, his establishment of the Genesis passages as the fundamental passages on marriage (even more fundamental than the Law) leaves no doubt as to the outcome.

Let us analyse what Bible says about same sex sexual relationships.

"For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due" (Romans 01:26-27 NKJV)-22.

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Corinthians 06:09-10 NKJV)-22.

"Knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine" (1 Timothy 01:09-10 NKJV)-22.

These three references indicate that homosexual passions and so called same sex marriages sponsored by politicians are unnatural, shameful, and contrary to the sound doctrine and deny the supreme authority of Almighty The-God over His Kingdom.

Hollywood film adventurers have propagated the myth that when it comes to marriage "all you need is love based on sex." This is simply absurd. Marriage is not based on emotions only, it comprises of natural union, human balance, multipliable affection, family values, children and filial generations to live and make the world a beautiful place to live as long as Almighty has given life to exist. Just because an emotion is deep or powerful does not justify acting upon it. Like drugs, like adultery, like the abuse of alcohol or the love of money, or the power rush of human ego trips, there are emotions, which are powerful and addictive and ultimately terribly destructive. Marriage, like many human activities, involves emotion but it is not constituted by the presence of any particular set of emotions. There is no denial of lust between homosexuals that many homosexuals feel deeply for their partners; however it should be asserted that no matter how deep the feelings, what they have is not a marriage in Almighty The-God's sight. It is a deception, filth; immoral that is preached and pleased by Devil-Jinn-Satan who is the first enemy of Adam and the main enemy of Adam’s children till the day of judgement. Beware; Satan shall remain the open enemy of Mankind till the last day of this world.

Same sex marriages must satisfy criteria other than emotion. A marriage is more than a sexual pleasure centre. A marriage is a social unit that is interwoven with dozens of other lives. Same sex union does not last to flourish – it is degraded in morality and it remains degraded in the principles of life – it ends with the diminishing shine of young skin and destroying the spiritual value of a man. Less than 5% of gays have ever had a relationship that even lasted 3 years or more. Sex is not enough. Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice. Although this point is very much in dispute in the medical world, it has no support in the divine world. Even then, irrespective of the nature of homosexuality, this matter would not affect the laws spelled out clearly in The-Qur’an.  Passion cannot sustain an inherently unstable social unit. Societies that put emotional fulfillment before right actions, moral principles, that society will soon give way to a multitude of addictions, deep corruptions and collapse. Almighty The-God will judge any society that institutes same sex marriages.

Almighty The-God will judge a society that permits adoption of children or the use of sperm banks by same sex couples. His word stands over society and when it is deliberately flaunted in the name of progress and enlightenment then it is not light but deep darkness with sufferings and yelling out of pain.

"Indecent sexual acts do not instantly bring affliction from The-God, an incubation time is given to brew the crime so that the criminal are caught red-handed and stamped as unrepentant stubborn transgressors. Such are the people who suffer and suffer and then run for a cure not worth for a life, which comes to them in the form of death. With death they are thrown in continual suffering and eternal abode in the Hellfire encoded for the stubborn transgressors".

We cannot bend the principles of Almighty The-God's word to suit certain groups in Canada and the United States in the name of indecent sexual rights. While some nations may enact laws permitting these evils, the true Christians, Jews and Muslims must stand resolutely firm and never allow the sanctioning of same sex marriages by politicised clergy. No Christian and Jewish religious institutions that take the bible and Torah seriously can sanction a union between homosexuals or lesbians. Islam not only forbids such immoral acts but also penalizes individuals involved in such acts.

In political campaigns across the United States, some candidates who traditionally supported religious freedom and non-infringement in religious affairs also started their support for gay marriages when it came to embracing what many still view as a political hot potato: marriage rights for same-sex couples. A few Republicans, including Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., have expressed tepid support for gay couples. Ehrlich's chief of staff recently said that while the gubernatorial candidate would not support full access to marriage for gay couples, he would be open to hearing proposals about domestic partnership registries and, perhaps, civil unions.

Homosexuality A Crime In Islam:

Homosexuality is wrong, a sin and a crime in Islam. Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. The-Qur’an forbids any sexual relationship other than in a marriage between a man and a woman. In more than one place in His majestic book, Almighty Alloh has related the story of Prophet Loot (Lot). Concerning their destruction, there are various verses in The-Qur’an, where Almighty Alloh clearly warns against Homosexuality.

"We also (sent) Lot: he said to his people: "Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? "For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds"  {The-Qur’an – Surah Al A`raaf (Chapter: The Purgatory) 7:80-81}. Lewd behaviour signifies a tempting act to participate in an immoral entertainment, which could relate to a sexual act, which is unnatural, unbeneficial and unethical. The word "lewd" is from the Saxon, that could mean properly ignorant, unlearned, and lowly in character, vicious bawdiness, obscenity, salaciousness, salacity, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

A Hadith forecasts "If lewdness exists among people and then appears as a common and open practice, plagues and new diseases (AIDS), which did not exist before, will spread among them" [Ibn Majah & Al-Hakim].

Several epidemiological studies have clearly indicated a significant correlation between exposure to multiple sexual partners and the high incidents of cervical carcinoma. Lewdness is the source of homosexuality and prostitution, which have become widespread and even legalized in all western countries and few of the Asian countries have become the hubs of such illicit attraction. The people who are attracted to their own gender for sexual preferences are called gay and lesbian, who are condemned for their transgression. It is a devil-jinn’s nature to obsess humans with their sexual stimulations. Satan makes the men in contemplating and coercing in the desire where having the object is not as exciting as the challenge of getting it. Film industry has created lust of eyes, to satisfy the sexual senses, cultivating greater sinful desire and lewdness that is what entrails a man towards evasion of divine laws. The only answer is to seek the righteous fulfillment under the protection of Almighty Alloh. The verse must be remembered to remind the vulnerable of the society to develop a sense against lewdness and homosexuality. A continual recitation would instil fear of the consequences and develop a sense of piety for those who intend to achieve so (Ameen/A’men).

Homosexuality Punished Through Natural Disaster:

In an approach to deter the Mankind against homosexuality, Almighty Alloh warns against approaching same gender to satisfy the lust which evolve from evils of gaze, solitary intimacy and the perpetrated designs of devil-jinn against the children of Adam so as to take them to Hellfire:

"Of all the creatures in the world will ye approach males"? "And leave those whom Alloh has created for you to be your mates? Nay ye are a people transgressing (all limits) "  (The-Qur’an – Surah Al Shu`ara' (Chapter: The Poets) 26:165-166).

The end result for not giving up homosexuality was the destruction of entire city during the period of Prophet Lot (PBUH). Do we in this society deserve the same fate as the sodomites invited upon them? Beware of the Almighty’s wrath; let us resist the immoral union, which is being instigated by Devil-Jinn-Satan. When people fully engulf themselves in a sin, the surrounding creation of Almighty Alloh invokes the wrath of Almighty; Angels seek Mercy of Almighty Alloh for themselves and curse the transgressors against their act of homosexuality. For some disbelievers, this warning may be an outcry by the righteous but those who face the consequence of it would know better when it comes to them.

"Prudent within Mankind do not make mistakes to learn but take heed from the mistakes of the others" (Qamrul Khan).

In Islamic legal system, which is inherited from Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and finalised by Almighty Alloh during the tenure of The Last Messenger prophet Muhammad (SAW), sex outside of marriage is forbidden. And marriage is only a union between a man and a woman – that is the divine bottom line. It is a matter of shame and frustration for the Mankind to indulge in to fornication, adultery, bestiality, pederasty or homosexuality. Many homosexuals claim they were born that way, they can't help being homosexual desire. The truth is that man has an urge for sexual gratification. As rationalizing beings, people will always try to find a justification for any activity, which they find enjoyable. The genes are synthesised according to the acquired habits, even if they are present, Spiritual Meditation can make them dormant, can be controlled by Conscious Eradication, one overcomes by recitation of The-Qur’anic Ayah 11:82-83. Almighty Alloh’s throne shakes with anger and with the anger shakes the earth of the area where the crime is perpetrated. Thus a consequential retribution is granted to such communities as indicated in the Last Testament Qur’an:

"When Our (The-God’s) decree was issued We turned (the cities) upside down and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay spread layer on layer Marked as from thy Lord: nor are they ever far from those who do wrong" {The Qur’an – Surah Al Hud (The Hood) 11:82-83}.

In contrast to the indecision of the Secular community in finding a common definition and understanding of homosexuality, Islam is more than clear on the matter. Almighty Alloh will lift the dead from grave with their intentions in their hearts. Every human is empowered to manage his/her intention – no one can prove otherwise. It is evident in our daily lives when humans intend, plan, execute and reap the results. No human can folly the divine program on the management of intention – so is the judgement on it on the day of judgement.  When it comes to self-liking, humans swiftly change their intentions, when it comes to right and wrong, humans find excuses to maintain their intention for the forbidden lust. As to the claim by some homosexuals that it is genetic, this has been decisively disproved. Studies have shown that children of homosexuals are no more likely to be homosexual than any other children. If it were hereditary, many more of them would be homosexual. In our society, homosexuality frequently seems to result from a failed male role model, a father who is abusive or grossly negligent.

Bestiality and pederasty are certainly psychological as well. Bestiality is a more common in mainstream usage than Zoophilia, refers to human/animal sexual activity. Pederasty, as idealized by the ancient Greeks, was a relationship and bond between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of his immediate family. Every society has men who use children sexually under the influence of DJS. Everywhere sheep or goats are kept, they are used for sex out of satanic diseases. So the argument that homosexuality is natural or inborn has little persuasive power for Muslims. All such acts are Satanic and could be controlled if and when enforced by laws against such habits.

Dr. Nadia El-Awady (2003)-28 interviewed Dr. Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, the highly esteemed Islamic scholar; he explained homosexuality to be a deviation from the original rule. The rule goes that opposites attract and that Almighty Alloh created man and woman to propagate the human species. For one to be sexually attracted to someone of the same sex is a deviation from this rule. This is why Almighty Alloh warns in The-Qur’an with reference to the People of Prophet Lot (PBUH), who were indulging in homosexual acts at the time, Almighty thus considers such doings to be a worst transgression. Elsewhere in The-Qur’an, Almighty Alloh describes homosexuality as ignorance:  "Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant" [The-Qur’an - 27: 55].

Since Almighty Alloh condemns homosexuality, then we have to believe that a man or a woman with homosexual feelings is expected to behave like any other human being and follows Almighty The-God's laws if he/she truly believes in them. He/she shall resist his/her feelings, maintains abstinence, use all available resources of help including medical, social and behavioural therapies to overcome their behaviour and feelings. They should pray to Almighty Alloh to help them getting over it and submit to His law that sees homosexuality as gross sin. Only those who steadfastly persevere in obeying His laws, they will pass there test and confirm their submission to Him.

The last warning is for the Muslim Ummah: If they indulge in the practice of homosexuality, Almighty Alloh's punishment is not far off. The Last Messenger Prophet (SAW) cursed homosexuals by repeating three times:

"(Almighty) Alloh has cursed anyone who does what Lot’s people did (Homosexuality)." And he said: "If you find any persons engaged in homosexuality, kill both the active and the passive partner (applicable by Islamic Jurisdiction and by Enforcement Court only)".

Ibn Abbas said: "Find the tallest building in the town and throw the homosexual down from its roof, then stone him to death (Applicable only with an Islamic Jurisdiction and by Enforcement Court only)".

This punishment is based on the analogy of Almighty Alloh's punishment of Lot’s people. Such punishments are enforceable with in the jurisdiction of a theocratic Islamic state; no individual Muslim can enforce this law on any other individual on his own. In Canada and the United States, homosexuality is considered as a private act of a person and it is not punishable unless non-consensual. Muslims in Canada and the United States could help like minded Christian, Jewish and other religious leaders to highlight the negative effect of same sex marriages, homosexuality, lesbian acts and pressurize politicians to act morally. There is not only consensus among Muslims that homosexuality is a gross sin but like minded people from Jewish, Christianity, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu communities would heed to the command of Almighty Alloh which shall be fulfilled with consensus.

Ibn Abbas (RTA) describes several traits related to what the people of Lot used to do. Some of these are: Not covering the private parts in front of people of the same sex; whistling with the fingers; opening the shirt to show the chest; wearing long pants which drag the floor; and homosexual acts (or lesbianism).

The Last Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said: "Lesbianism is Zina (fornication) between women". Abu Huraira (RTA) reported Almighty Alloh's Last Messenger (SAW) said:  "Four types of people awake under Alloh's anger and go to bed under Alloh's displeasure". Those who were listening asked: "Who are they, The Last Messenger of Alloh?" He replied: "Men who imitate women, women who imitate men, those who have sex with animals, and men who have sex with men". 

It is said that when a man mounts a man, the Divine Throne shakes out of the fear of Almighty Alloh's wrath and the Heavens tremble. Then the angels start reciting, "Say: 'He is Alloh, the One; Alloh, the self-sufficient. He does not beget nor is He begotten, and there is none like Him" [The-Qur’an 112: 1-4] until his wrath subsides.

Among those whom Almighty Alloh will not look-at on the Day of Resurrection, and to whom He will say,  "Enter the fire along with those who enter" The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) counted the following: "(The people who enter the fire are) The active and the passive partners in homosexuality; the one who has sex with animals; the one who is married to a woman and her daughter at the same time; and the one who masturbates regularly, unless they repent and reform".

Homosexual’s anal intercourse carries a high risk of disease, this is recognized in scripture where gay men are said to receive in their bodies the due penalty for their error. In October 1999, the Archives of General Psychiatry published two studies related to homosexuality and mental health. The first, “Sexual Orientation and Suicidality: A Co-twin Control Study in Adult Men” by Richard Harrell et al, reported that same-gender sexual orientation is significantly associated with each of the Suicidality measures. The study found that men with same-sex partners were 2.4 times as likely as their co-twins to have thoughts about death, 4.4 times as likely to want to die, 4.1 times as likely to have suicidal ideation, 6.5 times as likely to have attempted suicide, and 5.1 times as likely to have any of the suicidal symptoms. After adjustment for substance abuse and depressive symptoms (other than Suicidality), all of the Suicidality measures remained significantly associated with same-gender sexual orientation except for wanting to die.

Homosexuality A Source Of Illness:

The second study, “Homosexuality and Mental Illness” by J. Michael Bailey, reported on a New Zealand study which followed 1007 individuals since birth. At the age of 21, the 28 subjects classified as gay, lesbian or bisexuals were significantly more likely to have had mental-health problems than the 979 classed as heterosexual. The homosexuals suffer from the nerve diseases related to their non-natural use of male organ in to anal intercourse resulting in obnoxious contaminants entering the blood stream and the nervous system through such sexual contacts. Naturally, such a physical contact has its adverse impact on mind, flesh and neurons of human brain resulting in mental retardation otherwise they would have been intelligent persons as they should be in normal life. People learn through their mistakes and afflictions, you are wise learn from other’s mistakes and take heed from the Almighty Alloh’s restrictions.

The Archives of General Psychiatry also published in its January 2001 issue a study titled, “Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS)” by Sandfort et al., which found that psychiatric disorders were more prevalent among homosexually active people compared with heterosexually active people. Homosexual men were 2.94 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of mood disorder and 2.61 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of anxiety disorder than heterosexual men. Homosexual women were 4.05 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of substance use disorders than heterosexual women. The homosexual had more health disorders during their lifetimes than heterosexual persons, the numeric stood > 2 for homosexuals and <2 for heterosexual. It should be noted that Dutch society is a very gay-affirming and gay-friendly society, which may suggest that “society’s oppression” of homosexual people is not necessarily the cause of increased rates of mental illnesses among homosexuals as some people might suggest.

Kaposi Sarcoma: In an indirect fashion, anal intercourse is implicated in the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma, one of the diseases on the AIDS-indicator list of the U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC). This is because nitrite inhalant recreational drugs, known commonly as “poppers”, have been popular in the gay community and are used to facilitate this practice through relaxation of the anal sphincter. Researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse have recognized that nitrite inhalant abuse is associated with Kaposi’s sarcoma, and HIV-negative gay men with a history of using poppers have developed this disease.

The International Journal of Dermatology explains why homosexuals’ behaviours place them at high risk for this disease, which affects the mucous membranes and the skin of its victims: In this high risk group the gay male population, the predominant portal of entry of free and cell-bound HIV as well as the brunt of associated cofactors and opportunistic infections can be traced to both ends of the gastrointestinal tract (mouth and anus) and also the genitalia, which happen to be common sites for KS lesions in addition to their lymphatic watersheds.

AIDS reports: Kaposi’s sarcoma has taken a particularly tragic toll on HIV-infected homosexual men, sending them to an earlier grave than their IV-drug user counterparts. According to the data, homosexual men had a significantly higher risk of progression to AIDS and shorter survival compared with IDU [IV drug users] and other categories. In a multivariate analysis the increased risk was found to be independent of demographic and clinical characteristics but was accounted for by the higher probability of developing Kaposi's sarcoma.

Hodgkin’s Disease: Homosexual men suffering from HIV/AIDS also suffer from other cancers and lymphomas. One study published in the Annuls of Medicine noted the connection between homosexual AIDS patients and Hodgkin’s disease. The study concluded, “An excess incidence of Hodgkin’s disease was found in HIV-infected homosexual men.” The Journal of Clinical Oncology published a study that further supports a connection between homosexual male AIDS patients and Hodgkin’s disease.

Anal Cancer: Homosexual males are also at elevated risk for anal cancer. A likely possibility is that chemicals in the lubricants used to facilitate anal intercourse are a factor associated with this disease. Researchers R.J. Ablin and R. Stein-Werblowsky describe sperm and seminal plasma as capable of promoting cancer, and suggest that this accounts for the increase in cancer among people practicing anal sex.

"It must also be noted that in a normal husband-wife relationship, anal sex is prohibited in Islam". The health risk from rectal filth, the risk from friction, which may lead to haemorrhoids, the un-natural act making human mind sick, the contamination of male organ and its ineligibility for a sacred purpose, the sanctity of male organ for sacred propagation of generation and very respect of a devout wife are at stake. It would thus seem a matter of logic what Islam’s stance on anal sex might be for extra-marital relationships or relationships between members of the same sex.

This is not to mention the concept of Awrah in Islam, where certain parts of the body are not to be seen or touched by anyone except one’s spouse. This would clash with any kind of homosexual relationship.

One article in the New England Journal of Medicine commented, "Our study lends strong support to the hypothesis that homosexual behaviour in men increases the risk of anal cancer: 21 of the 57 men with anal cancer (37 percent) reported that they were homosexual or bisexual, in contrast to only one of 64 controls." The Journal of the American Medical Association also published similar findings: "Epidemiological studies have shown that risk factors for anal cancer include homosexuality, history of receptive anal intercourse, presence of anal condylomata, and smoking." And the International Journal of Cancer stated, "Being single and having practiced anal intercourse appears to be associated with anal cancer and case reports have suggested a recent increase in the number of cases of anal cancer."

Another article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that, “…studies indicate that immunosuppressed male homosexuals have a high prevalence of anal human papilomavirus infection and anal intra-epithelial neoplasia, and this population may be at significant risk for the development of anal cancer.”

Along the same lines, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded: Anal intercourse may predispose to anal cancer through the transmission of an infection, most probably infection with human papilomavirus”.

Impairment of Immune Response: Several researchers have concerned themselves with the immune dysfunction consequent to the direct entry of semen into the bloodstream by means of anal intercourse. Joseph Sonnabend has argued that repeated exposures to semen combined with various sexually transmitted pathogens result in impairment of immune response. Robert Root-Bernstein concluded that exposure to semen through anal intercourse can initiate lymphocytotoxic autoimmunity. Another researcher who recognizes the pathogenic effects of semen is Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos (Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia), author of “Looking Back on the Oxidative Stress Theory of AIDS” published in Continuum volume 5, number 5 - mid-winter 1999.

AIDS: The CDC reports in its June 2000 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report that men who have sex with men (MSM) account for the majority of AIDS cases in the United States. In the United States, HIV-related illness and death historically have had a tremendous impact on men who have sex with men (MSM). Even though the toll of the epidemic among injection drug users (IDUs) and heterosexuals has increased during the last decade, MSM continue to account for the largest number of people reported with AIDS each year. In 1999 alone, 15,464 AIDS cases were reported among MSM, compared with 10,138 among IDUs and 7,139 among men and women who acquired HIV heterosexually. Overall, the number of MSM of all races and ethnicities who are living with AIDS has increased steadily, partly as a result of the 1993 expanded AIDS case definition and, more recently, improved survival.

The World Health Organization in its Global HIV/AIDS and STD Surveillance reports on the Epidemiology of AIDS in different countries. Giving the Netherlands as a first example due to its large acceptance of gay practices comparative to other countries worldwide, homosexuals form 68.6% of AIDS cases, whereas heterosexuals form only 15.2%. Intra-venous drug users (IDU) form 11.6% and blood donations 2.3%. In the UK, MSM form 65.8% of AIDS cases followed by 18.1% heterosexuals. IDU formed 8.1% of the cases. Those two countries are given as typical examples of what is found in other European countries in general where homosexuality is more commonly practiced.

Dr. Steven Wexner of the Cleveland Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, stated in a 1990 study published in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum that “up to 55% of homosexual men with anorectic complaints have gonorrhoea; 80% of the patients with syphilis are homosexuals. Chlamydia is found in 15% of asymptomatic homosexual men, and up to one third of homosexuals have active anorectic herpes simplex virus”.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1991 stated, “gonorrhoea was associated with urethral discharge…and homosexuality (3.7 times higher than the rate among heterosexuals).”

This is especially true of gonorrhoea of the pharynx. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology found, “In homosexual men a much higher prevalence of pharyngeal gonorrhoea (15.2%) was observed in comparison with heterosexual men (4.1%)-28.


CDC semi-annual HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report. Numbers are based on AIDS cases reported to CDC through June 2000





Men who have sex with men




Injecting Drug Use




Men who have sex with men and inject drugs




Haemophilia/coagulation disorder




Heterosexual contact




Recipient of blood transfusion, blood components, or tissue




Risk not reported or identified




* Includes 3 persons whose sex is unknown.

Unlike its effect on the genitals, when gonorrhoea infects the pharynx and rectal regions, it often emerges without symptoms. And even if it does emerge with symptoms, those symptoms can be easily misinterpreted as simply a sore throat or misdiagnosed as part of a simultaneous ailment such as haemorrhoids. The Journal of the American Medical Association stressed the importance of properly diagnosing these infections: Detection and treatment of these occult infections are essential, because gonococci ‘carriers’ represent reservoirs of potential infection in the community.” The British Co-operative Clinical Group noted that homosexuals acquired syphilis at a rate ten times that of heterosexuals-28.

Surgical and Medical Problems With Homosexuality:

Dr. Selma Dritz wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Oral and anal intercourse present physicians with surgical as well as medical problems, ranging from anal fissures and impaction of foreign bodies in the rectum to major diagnostic dilemmas.” Dr. Marlys Witte et al. noted in The International Journal of Dermatology that homosexual male practices such as “receptive anal and oral intercourse and oral-anal contact, recurrent rectal trauma associated with ‘fisting’, and venereal and parasitic infections, lead to many medical problems including tissue inflammation...intense angiogenesis, and progressive fibrosis.” Finally, Dr. Christina M. Surawicz et al. noted, “homosexually active men have frequent intestinal and rectal symptoms resulting from sexually acquired gastrointestinal infections”.

The People of Lot in The-Qur’an are thus depicted with all kinds of corruption: transgression, ignorance, sin and crime, and mischief. Again, describing the People of Lot, Almighty Alloh said:

"Verily, by thy life (Oh Prophet), in their wild intoxication, they wander in distraction, to and fro" [The-Qur’an - 15: 72].

Their actions are described as a wild intoxication, which can be, by no means, an explanation of something one is naturally born with. As for the claims of some that homosexuality is a normal disposition in some people, Dr. Qaradawi explains: This sin was not described before the People of Lot. The-Qur’an says, “And (remember) Lot: behold, he said to his people:

"Ye do commit lewdness, such as no people in Creation (ever) committed before you" [The-Qur’an - 29: 28].

The testimony of Almighty Alloh cites that the People of Lot were the first people to contrive this vice. The world had been free of such a grave sin since the beginning of time. Their Prophet (Lot) was sent to warn them of the consequences of their sinful behaviour, and the result was severe punishment to purify the world from them, all divine messages spoke of the People of Lot and denounced their ill doings. The West, however, wishes to turn homosexuality into something acceptable by society. Not only that, but laws and regulations are being construed to legalize this sin and many of the issues surrounding it-28.

Personally, I consider a homosexual to be as a drug abuser, one who requires treatment. Does anyone in his or her right mind consider drug abuse something one is born with? This is not a genetic anomaly it is something one acquires. It is a disease that needs a cure.

"And to lot, too, We gave Judgment and Knowledge, and We saved him from the town which practised abominations: truly they were a people given to Evil, a rebellious people" {The Qur’an – Surah Al Anbiya (The Prophets) 21: 74}.

Vocalization of Sexual Liking Banned:

Regarding sexual acts in general, there are several important issues that must be raised and addressed to vocal Muslim gay associations in particular. As a general rule in Islam, sexual acts are a private matter not to be disclosed to anyone outside the bedroom. What a husband and wife do together should be kept between them and not told to anyone, that is the minimum requirement of decency and morality in married life. Abu Huraira (RTA), is quoted to have said: “Almighty Alloh's Last Messenger (SAW), led us in prayer, and when he had finished he turned toward us and said:

"Remain seated. Is there among you one who comes to his wife, closes the door, and draws the curtain, and then goes out and speaks about it, saying, "I did this and I did that with my wife?" They remained silent. Then he turned toward the women and asked, 'Is there among you one who tells about such things?' A girl raised herself on her knees so that the Messenger of Alloh could see her and listen to what she said. She said, 'Yes, by Alloh, the men talk about it and the women do too.' Then the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, 'Do you know the similitude of those who do that? They are like a male and female devils who meet each other in the road and satisfy their desire with the people gazing at them". Thus the matter of vocalizing one’s sexual preference even in the case of normal marital relations is prohibited in Islam, let alone forming groups based on sexual preferences.

Another point related to the same issue of vocalization of sexual acts is related to Islam’s stance on announcing one’s sinful acts. In Islam, we are instructed to keep our sins secret and to seek repentance for them. The Last Prophet (SAW), is reported to have said,  "Anyone who commits a punishable sin should cover himself up as long as he’s being shielded by Almighty Alloh (i.e. he should not expose himself) because if he divulges his punishable sin, the prescribed punishment becomes due". (I.e. it should be carried out as he has confessed). This totally goes against the notion of “coming out of the closet” preached by homosexuals today.  Another important point is that Islam does not allow any form of extra-marital sexual relationships. This is to ensure a pure society in which the rights of the various parties involved are protected.

Sexual Segregation A Necessity:

The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also ordered us to separate between children in their beds. And if there is no escape but to let children sleep in the same bed, that they must be covered by separate covers. This is to prevent any kind of foul play at a delicate age and to ensure that a child grows up with the proper safeguards against sinful actions. This would mean that the concept of sexual experimentation in Islam is not allowed, irrespective of one’s age, and that children should be protected from that idea as far as possible to preserve their Fitrah (human nature that one is born with).

Islam is a way of life. It is a system of beliefs based on divine revelation. As other systems rely for their laws and regulations on the human element, Muslims refer to Almighty Alloh, The Creator, for their laws and regulations. Our very understanding of our existence, life, and the life after death is dependent on this one source. As Muslims, we also believe that one must search for the truth, the ultimate truth that is the basis of one’s basic beliefs. The search must be thorough and uncompromising. If one comes to the conclusion after that search that the truth lies in Islam, the system MUST be accepted as a whole. As a Muslim, one cannot choose to follow parts of Islam and disregard others. The whole-hearted acceptance of Islam as a religion entails a similar whole-hearted acceptance of its ideology and doctrine, which are thus practiced to the extent of one’s power.

"Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? But what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life? And on the day of judgement they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Alloh is not unmindful of what ye do" {The Qur’an – Surah Al Baqarah (Chapter: The heifer) 02:85} this does not imply that sin becomes obsolete. But it does mean that if one sins, one realizes it and acknowledges his actions as such-28.

Pre-Empt Sexual Lewdness:

Almighty Alloh is always forgiving as long as a man does not see his death coming. While a person is not expecting imminent death his supplications are accepted, repentance honoured and a determination to ward-off evils from his life remains in the heart and mind. The Muslim believers are guided to supplicate the following Qur’anic prayer as much as possible in their spare time with a closing with Salawat Ala Nabi Muhammad (SAW). Insha-Alloh all distractions will be removed within short period of time. While doing so, one shall adhere to personal hygiene, contact prayers and Zikr (Ameen/A’men).

"Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and efface our bad deeds and take our souls in the company of the righteous" [The-Qur’an – Ale Imraan (The Amramites)  - 03:193].

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