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Evils of Corruption

(Excerpt from The Satanic Diseases Part 01)

Corruption is one of the social evils that exist in every society and commonality of corruption in a society is considered a social disease of Men and Women. The only difference is whether the government or ruling party could keep it under control to a certain acceptable limit. Corruption in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other third world countries has been a chronic problem to these nations all along its history. Corruption in western societies is mainly confined to corporate businesses. Worried by the adverse effects of corruption on the economic and social growth of the country and its people, it is time to enjoin political leaders and all the stakeholders in the nation's affairs to evolve measures at addressing the danger corruption poses to the third world countries. The issue of corruption had reached a stage in Pakistan, which lead to the overthrow of civilian governments from time to time. Any initiative to rescue the countries from imminent collapse, must necessarily tackle corruption. We must realise that we have to make a move and do something where we are, instead of waiting for somebody or someday. The Latin American, Indian Subcontinent, growing economies in Africa, countries in East Europe and countries in the upper Middle East should evolve a system to refine the audit and accountability system which is detrimental to their economic development.

Corruption is a war between forces of light and forces of darkness. Once people indulge in corruption the more you do, the more you are attracted to do. The more you know, the more invincible you shall become. Corruption is a disease surmounted by devil-jinn and Unconscious Mind. Once a person thinks of the evils of corruption and decides actions against it then the more you understand, the less able will be your enemies to subdue you against corruption. It only follows that one who knows righteousness or one who is wise to the ways of Almighty Alloh, which is based on righteousness. Men and Women of Spiritual Intelligence will ultimately be able to win the great spiritual war for themselves and gain the prize of ultimate righteousness for their Children and the future generation of this world who will inherit the Earth.

The believing men and women in Islam and Abrahamic faith shall not fear the vain outcries, threats and railings of the corrupt vermin who are bent on breaking the norms of civil society to enslave righteous people, for their numbers are few. They cannot stand against the righteous for long, as Almighty Alloh wants the righteous to come forward and reform. Believers are strong in wisdom, knowledge and the spiritual sense in his relation to Almighty Alloh. More than that, believers are promised success if they strive righteously and shall overcome the masters of cunning, stalking, wicked and subterfuge. Of course, success against evils of corruption depends your righteous approach, wise steps, cooperation with like-minded groups and an undying motivation for the rightful cause that is where the peace and tranquility of the community lies.

Roman Empire was one of the most powerful and vastly managed human administrations the world had ever seen. Despite Rome's achievements in dominance of the Asia, Africa and Europe, however, her legions were unable to conquer one insidious enemy: corruption. Finally, corruption hastened Rome's downfall at the hand of advancing righteous army of faithful. The obvious first step in curbing corruption is to recognize that corruption is destructive and wrong through historical and conscious approvals, since it benefits the unscrupulous to the detriment of others. We all recognize that the cost of bribery corruption is high. Bribes undermine good governance, harm economic efficiency and development, distort trade, and penalize citizens around the world. Bribes for winning business contracts in other countries, however, are just the tip of the corruption iceberg. The fight against corruption is a moral one that cannot be won by legislation alone or by "the sword" of legal penalties. Seeds of virtue and integrity have to be sown in people's hearts. This can best be achieved by reverence and following of Almighty Alloh and his Last Messenger Muhammad (SAW).

Is it not a fact that there could be no such thing as sickness or disease unless there were health doctrines for men to violate? The pious and more Muttaquee a person may be, the direr its results if deviated or transgressed. The more basic and necessary any element is to the well-being of an organism, the greater the damage if it is lacking. Is it not a fact that the deepest heartaches come from those we love most? Is it not true that men of highest worldly intelligence have perpetrated the worst crimes in history? Under the shadowy influence of the lower selfish mind, brotherhood turns to clannishness, self-respect turns to pride, enthusiasm to fanaticism, and generosity to extravagance. Under the lethal promptings of one's inner "demon," all high attributes of soul undergo subtle transformations and reappear as evil, sorrow, suffering because of corruption multiplicity. The Origin of Evil is not to be found in some particular place or time in history, but in the recurrent impulses of a mind governed by desire. A truth perceived and not acted upon turns to poison in the system.

Corruption Hated By The-God:

Shirk; Idolatry, Usury, War, disease, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, torture, crime, and fornication are the symbols of corruption on Earth. Many who love to proclaim the love of Almighty "The-God", as any true believer in Abrahamic would want to do but we all are ever watchful of evil attributes perpetrated by devil-jinn as jealousy, hate, and wrath. The flamboyant, arrogant, stubborn disbeliever and hypocrites may talk pleasantly in front of the believing men of the community but their actions on the back are of corruption. Almighty "The-God" observes them and hates their kind of corruption. When Almighty "The-God" hates anything it is reattributed with torment and affliction.

"As soon as he leaves, he roams the earth corrupting, destroying properties and lives. The-God does not love corruption" [The Qur’an – Al Baqarah (The Heifer) 02:205]. Qatadah (RUA) considers this Ayah reflecting the characteristics of hypocrites. Any verse is related to an incident and its eventual revelation but as a command it stands for all times and related events. There are people in the world who pose to be righteous but their intention is to corrupt. The spiritually intelligent people are given power to recognise such people and take precaution. The Last Messenger Muhammad was given power to recognize as well as confirmation from Almighty Alloh was a basis for the guidance of believers. The spiritually intelligent believers take extreme care and patience in identifying such hypocrites as the real knowledge remains with Almighty Alloh unless given to devout believers. Hypocrites are at least with three characteristics: talking lies, unfulfilling promises and uses abusive worlds during arguments. Hypocrites are the worst among humans, may Almighty Alloh save us from the conspiracies of hypocrites and help us to defeat them for the righteousness of humanity (Ameen / A’men).

In democratic societies like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, corruption has been expected to dwindle by the time public awareness; intensive media coverage and judicial reforms take lead in that direction. It is high time for voters in particular and the people in general to wake up and do something to stop corruption from themselves and from the whole machinery of social set-ups. It is high time and never too late for the people to think about corruption and the importance of their vote without caste, religious and regional affiliations in India. Isidore Domnick Mendis (2003) has pointed the extent of corruption and its control in an article on Corruption-11.

The Berlin-based Transparency International (TI) has bracketed three South Asian nations among the world's most corrupt. Of the 102 countries surveyed, India is ranked [72], Pakistan [77], Nigeria [101] and Bangladesh 102… (The most corrupt). The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for India is 2.7. The index relates to the degree of corruption among public officials and politicians as perceived by business people, academicians and risk analysts. It ranges between 10 [most clean & transparent] and 0 [most corrupt]. Among the organizations that are taking up the issue of corruption in India and challenging and fighting it are Transparency International (India), Chetna, and Parivartan. Three of the world's cleanest nations are Finland with a CPI of 9.9, Denmark at 9.5 and New Zealand at 9.4. Canada ranks 7th with a score of 8.9, England is 13th at 8.3, USA 17th at 7.6, and Germany 20th at 7.40-11.

Righteous Loved By The-God:

If Almighty Alloh loves me, then I am heir of heavenly eternal life. If Almighty Alloh loves me, then I may lose all, yea, even my very life on His path, and still possess that which is precious above all the companionship of The Last Messenger in the heavenly life. Almighty Alloh does not hate any individual but his acts, which are Retributory in reaction. As long as man is alive his acts are hated and he is given reprieve to reform. When Almighty Alloh decides to hate someone it will be not because of his sins but because of his stubbornness, arrogance and denial to repent, it is better for us to reform and correct him. When it reaches to the stage of stubbornness, arrogance and denial, he is condemned and prepared to reside in the Hell of fire forever. 

"Indeed, that who fulfills their obligations and leads a righteous life, The-God loves the righteous" [The Qur’an – Ale Imran (The Amramites) 03:76]. Muslims have been advised by The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the basis of this Almighty Alloh’s Ayah that whenever they hold goods, commodities or finance of dis-believers, hypocrites, infidels, sinners, transgressors, orphans, destitute and even of political opponents for safe keeping, the belonging shall be returned to the owner righteously. That is what is considered righteousness in Islam. In the event of war, the return of safe deposits is considered after the peace agreement otherwise the safe deposits could be used in war efforts affecting the balance of power against the believers in Islam. Normally such an eventuality does not occur.

The difference between the corrupted and the cleanest is open to observe. The corrupted communities have many things in common e.g. high unhealthy population, high poverty, high illiteracy, less per capita income, high inflation, political chaos, less accountability, delayed judicial process, lack of equal opportunities, lack of entrusted leadership, lack of enthusiastic financial contributions and above all, a fragile democracy or dictatorship. As we observe, those with clean slate enjoy affluence, high charitable contributions, high living standards, equal opportunities and higher literacy rates. In the fight of evil and good, one’s hungry stomach plays a central role and those who preach piety must look for sufficient food, proper shelter and proper knowledge to impart a clean order in a community. A strong leadership and a democratic set up attract many goodies in the form of accountability, trust and belonging to the community. In a Muslim society, Zakat system, equal opportunities, proper audit and accountability, development projects, economic opportunities, wise planning, wise strategies in economic reforms and modesty in spending would lead to elimination of corruption gradually. The corruption in a society does not strengthen the leadership but strengthens the underworld that motivates functionaries in favour of "Under The Table Transactions" (UTTT) for favour and gains. That makes a nation hollow in strength.

Charity a Path of Righteousness:

Zakat is a compulsory obligation. Other than Zakat, There are many avenues of charity in which it is essential to spend on various occasions. You can never attain perfect piety until you spend from that (wealth) which you love. Whatever you spend, Almighty Alloh is fully aware of all your expenditure on the righteous cause and refrain from wasting your resources to unproductive work that may incur sin and retribution. Companion Abu Sa’eed (RTA) narrates that The Last Messenger and Prophet (SAW) said: “Spending one Dirham in one’s lifetime is superior to spending a hundred Dirhams at the time of one’s death” [Abu Dawood].

"You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, The-God is fully aware thereof" [The Qur’an - Ale-'Imran (The Amramites) 03: 92]. Certainly Abdulloh Ibn Omar (RTA) reached to this verse during his continual recitation and its implication in his life. He thought of all property and finance but his thought stuck to his Roman slave girl who was the most beautiful possession which he would have liked to keep in lieu of all holding in his hand. Thus he released her for the mercy and blessing of Almighty Alloh. He said if he could take back any one after releasing on the path of Almighty Alloh, he would have married this Roman slave girl [Musnad]. The Last Messenger Muhammad (SAW) always advised to the believers to keep manufacturing units, cultivated lands and producing elements from charity but give the products for charity. This will maintain your sustenance, job and working while the products will serve others [Bukharie & Muslim]-06 & 01.

Idolatry A Main Source of Corruption:

Idolatry is a worship in which the honour due to Almighty Alloh the Gracious and Merciful Creator Lord and to Him only, is given to some of His creatures, or to some invention of His creatures. It may vary exceedingly from dead stones to human in existence or dead. It may assume exceedingly different forms, carved stones, carved images of demons, animals and superstitious creatures even unknown historically varying according to the ignorance or the knowledge - the civilization or the barbarism, of those who offer it. This is that sin which Almighty Alloh ("The-God") has especially denounced in His Word as Kufr and Shirk. When our worship or praise and glory focus on Almighty Alloh, our relationship with Him is nurtured tremendously touching every rhythm of heart and every breath we inhale and exhale. As we centre our attention on His Almighty, we begin to better understand His creations and gain a view of His Absoluteness and freedom from any genetics, which transgressors may claim.

"The One (Almighty Alloh) who made the earth habitable for you, and the sky a structure? He sends down from the sky water, to produce all kinds of fruits for your sustenance. You shall not set up idols to rival The-God, now that you know" [The Qur’an – Al Baqarah (The Heifer) 02: 22]. The teachings of Almighty Alloh directs believers and humanity to ponder on earth which is for habitation from where you search for the elements of human benefits like cultivation, mining, travelling, construction, bunkers, and peaceful cohabitation. The sky has been mentioned to explore and find the bounties through aerial transport, weather knowledge, sun energy, rainwater source and its conservation etc. Similarly Almighty Alloh explains the importance of water for the revival, maintenance, processing, production, construction and convenience of life food production, crop production and industrial purposes etc. Creator Lord "The-God" has created all these benefits for the humans to recognise Him for the worship, reverence and forgiveness. In Islam, Almighty Alloh is "The-God" of Universe, which is in English translation stands as "The-God" to whom Muslims worship. The name Alloh ("The-God") in Islam never refers to Muhammad (SAW), as many disbelievers and many belligerents may think; Almighty Allah, Elohim, El-Shaddai, Jehovah, Eishwar and "The-God" are the synonyms of The Deity to whom whole Mankind shall worship. Those who set idols as their gods, they have been informed through this verse; the responsibility of conveying the message of truth is over. May Almighty Alloh give us courage to convey the message of truth to disbelievers, Kafir and gentiles (Ameen / A’men)?

The-God Support - Deterrence against Defeat:

Arguments to maintain a deterrence and strategic balance while fighting the forces of evil and terror usually fall on receptive ears that are poor and want to earn a place in heavens. Fever seem to realize that maintaining a personal deterrence strategic balance will require more than just better guidance, planning, and training. A profound commitment, unwavering through the trials of life and a united leadership structure will be required to enable the Services of believers to win both operational and strategic victory in the war on aggressive evils. If Almighty Alloh supports believers, none can defeat them. But support comes with certain conditions of faith, righteousness and wisdom, which believers shall abide. Unto you is the example of Badr as well as Uhud. You cannot be better than those; they were the best community ever born on earth. So are the examples to correct you and your faith in the commands of Almighty Alloh:

"If The-God supports you, none can defeat you - and if He abandons you, who else can support you? In The-God the believers shall trust" [The Qur’an - Ale-'Imran (The Amramites) 03:160]. Believers are advised to act only as per the lines of the message in The Qur’an never abandon the guidelines and closeness towards Almighty Alloh. Otherwise if Almighty Alloh abandons you no one can support you, believers fate shall remain with trust in Almighty Alloh. Never allow your Unconscious Mind (Nafs Ammarah) and Devil-Jinn-Satan (DJS) and Devil-Ins-Satan (DIS) take over your attention of trust. May Alloh keep our conscious submerged in the trust of Saviour Almighty Alloh (Ameen / A’men)? “The curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked (corrupt) but He blesseth the habitation of the Just (honest) (Proverbs 03: 33).

Almighty Alloh pre-empts corruption against a believer if the believer continually recites the following Ayaat of Surah Al Baqarah [The Qur’an – 02: 07-16].



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