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All humans born in this world are of same flesh, blood, bone and soul by which we live and any retardation to first three allows us to physically die. What differentiate us in this worldly life are our shape, strength and attitude. The most formidable aspect of our life is our attitude toward others and our actions out of that attitude. It means we ought to control our attitude in such a way that most of us abide by us, live by us and least of all tolerate us.

If commonalities among our basic human values are the factors which bind us together then we must say goodbye to all ongoing conflicts between the humans around the globe. When we are born through our parents after staying almost nine months in the womb of our mothers, we enter in to the world infested by evils and devils. While at birth, every one born cries during the momentum of entering into this world. There is a common value of that cry which binds us together to stand against the evils of this world. Such a cry is a spiritual hatred against evils and rejection of it. As long as we cry and fight against evils and devils of this world we preserve our innocence to deserve redemption in the court of Almighty Alloh.

You need not cry at the time of your death if you have cried and fought against evils and devils against you that gave you the consolation for your redemption. By the virtues of your righteous work in your life, your compatriots are crying now for your parting the company. At the time of your death, you feel at peace but also happiness to meet your Lord The-God. In fact you are returning from where you came from, returning unto The-One who sent you into this world, be pleased to be received by Him now.

If similarities in our attitude are the binding factors then personal conflicts between the humans must end right on this spot because we are gathered here to express righteous attitude to please our Creator Lord The-God. That single similarity in our attitude requires unification of our efforts to please our Lord The-God purposely. The purpose is to go back to the place from where we came to this world. Returning to The-One who sent us to this world in order to earn a permanent abode back home... Do not you think that we are in agreement?

If we realize our universal mode of birth then we must realize that we have a universal abode to share in the hereafter i.e. Heaven or Hell. I am sure everyone wants to be in the heaven but the conflict is upon the ticket we choose to buy. We should not ignore the fact that a ticket which is vended directly from The-God is the assured ticket back to heaven. No ticket which is tampered, which is obsolete or which is bogus would be accepted, except the ticket issued by Lord The-God which is free from such faults. The only ticket which is infallible in the court of Almighty The-God is His Last Testament The-Qur'an.

By this time we would have realized about the culprit who segregates us into internal and external confrontations which divides us to rule, which creates wedge among us to find evil recruits and which canvasses among us for the worldly pleasures so that we ignore permanent abode in the Heavens. The reason is simple; our enemies do not want us to go back from where we came from but to go into Hell; the permanent abode of Devils among INS (humans) and Jinns (Genie).

What is needed among the righteous is to compete for the righteousness which generates the inner urge to achieve. Having confrontation to achieve is an unhealthy sign but having competition to achieve is not only a healthy sign but an expedition sure to achieve. In a civil society like of ours where we value individual human life, we urge least of confrontation and more of competition but abundance of tolerance for the weaker humans of our society.

Confrontation is the last weapon which should be rarely utilized and seldom considered on person to person conversation. But the evils of the society shall be confronted vocally, judiciously, with patience and prudence.

In today's talk, we would matter to talk against confrontational attitude within Muslim society which is the prevailing evil of our society and shall be negated, annulled and converted into competition to provide better opportunities for the blessed folks in the Muslim society.

Consensus Vs Confrontation:

Consensus is group solidarity of belief. The formal process of achieving consensus ideally requires serious treatment of the considered opinion of each group member: those advocating the adoption, say, of a particular course of action, genuinely wish to hear those who may be against the proposal, since discussion, it is supposed, can only enhance ultimate consensus.

Confrontation is discord or a clash of opinions and ideas which may lead to a conflict involving armed clashes. Confrontations can be in most cases negative, exacerbating conflicts, especially if participants are angry and express that anger in hurtful accusations. However, if conducted thoughtfully, with consideration for the feelings and situation of other people, confrontations can be useful in helping to identify and solve problems.

Confronting the evils is a righteous approach while consenting with the evils is a treacherous approach. Righteous would never compromise for lesser evil while treacherous would never abandon the path of duplicity. Righteous may lose a battle to win a war but the treacherous would like to win all the battles and war. Righteous always wins with morality while treacherous loses ground by every immoral act.  

Wisdom against Confrontation:

Is confrontation always bad for the society? The answer is certainly no. Life is a struggle and it may require confrontation on certain levels to succeed in our righteous struggle. It comes down to rivalry between righteousness and wickedness. Both antonyms are the realities of struggle but what matters is your loyalty to righteousness. Wickedness is evil because it does not befit humanity yet many humans would be the flag bearer of wickedness confronting the righteous. Human by nature tend to be righteous but distraction by the glitters of evil blurs the vision of human. Unless righteousness prevails in thinking and action, wickedness would exist. The wicked in a society would always be the cause of confrontation.  Otherwise justice for all would never prevail and anarchy by the wicked would destroy the community. Righteous of the society could only prevail when they keep their strength and passion to subdue wickedness by reforming or punishing the wicked. It comes down to the enforcement of righteousness by the righteous legion.   

Wisdom against confrontation is the need of the hour when righteous agree to disagree on certain matters. On such matters, a consensus is developed on democratic principles. In order to reach consensus, everyone must find solution with respect and patience against each other. Patience is a wise virtue that only comes with age but it also comes to those who are fearful of Almighty Alloh’s punitive reprimand. The young and hawkish in every generation always bring about ruin to their respective domain but those with faith in Almighty Alloh are not wary of His mercy and dividend in patience. We should not forget that being bullied is never a simple case of external evil or unfair behaviours by others but its root cause is evil intentions and zeroing belief in Lord The-God. Such causes find its roots in internal weakness, corruption, arrogance, stubbornness, desire of power struggle and pride.

Like the human body, a nation is never ruined by external forces, just as there will always be bacteria inside the body to outgrow under favourable conditions in the body. But it is the body's well-functioning immune system that keeps the naturally occurring bacteria at bay. In this world, past, present or future, it will always be the same; there will be threat when the internal system in a nation is weak. That is as true as is the case of the human body defence system.

Muslims most important mission for the present and next generation is to develop maturity and steadfastness of character through honestly using the past history as a mirror to see the weaknesses in our applications. We can never change history, but we can change ourselves by learning from the past with courage of honesty with strict application of The-Qur'anic values with wisdom.

Lastly, look at the bigger picture, where the danger lies and not to pick a fight against our fellow Muslim brothers and fellow human neighbours. Even if some of them have short-sighted hawkish leaders, hold to your patience. If not, it will damage our long-term future for the sake of a temporary good feeling of vindication. Encourage them to recognize the mistakes without pointing finger and apologize of your excesses if any. This is because, we can change ourselves, but we can never change someone by finger pointing, if they refuse to be changed. The western version of the statement is "the only person you have control of is only yourself" any other subjugation or coercion on someone else is only an outward change; it has no real impact on the inside.

Only the wise can be truly strong, Muslims with a long history of 1430 years should be the first to know that, which we can't expect from all other younger generations and nations; they have to learn the lesson that we had paid for with our past internal conflicts and sufferings. Such is the tragedy which still haunts us in Lebanon, Western Sahara etc., and among the different sects of Muslims who claim to keep Islam intact. Seek unifying factors urgently, defuse dividing factors patiently and ignore putrefying factors eternally.  

Islamic Guidance on Cordial Relations: 

Human to Human relationship in Islam is very friendly. Relationship among the believers in Islam is based on Islamic Brotherhood which is not based on economic interests, race, or color but on piety towards Almighty Alloh. Besides, it is based on something infinitely superior: Rejection of falsehood and acceptance of the Truth as revealed by the One True God. Cordial relations among the believers in Islam are recommended by Almighty Alloh and persuaded by The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

"The believers are members of one family (Islamic Brotherhood); you shall keep the peace within your family and reverence (Almighty) Alloh, that you may attain mercy" {The Qur'an – Surah Al-Hujurat (Chapter: The Walls) 49:10}.

Brotherhood is based on faith and it is a part of that faith. The Prophet (PBUH) said: "A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others". The Prophet (PBUH) further said: "You cannot enter paradise unless you become a total believer and you won't become a total believer unless you love each other" [Hadith Sahih Muslim].

Those who congregate in the worship of Almighty Alloh produce a brotherhood that embodies the best moral values: Mercy, compassion, fear of Alloh, piety, and justice. "(Almighty) Alloh loves those who fight in His cause united in one column, like the bricks in one wall" {The Qur'an – Surah As-Suff (Chapter: The Column) 61:4}, a tremendous force in the service of Righteousness and against treacherousness.

"Muhammad - the messenger of (Almighty) Alloh - and those with him are harsh and stern against the disbelievers, but kind and compassionate amongst themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating, as they seek (Almighty) Alloh's blessings and approval. Their marks are on their faces, because of prostrating. This is the same example as in the Torah. Their example in the Gospel is like plants that grow taller and stronger, and please the farmers. He thus enrages the disbelievers. (Almighty) Alloh promises those among them who believe, and lead a righteous life, forgiveness and a great recompense" {The Qur'an – Surah Al-Fatah (Chapter: The Victory) 48:29}.

"They do not do injustice to others nor do they tolerate any injustice to themselves. In their love and concern for each other, all members of this brotherhood are one body: when any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels the pain" [Hadith Sahih Muslim].

When giving commands regarding the Islamic Brotherhood, The-Qur'an uses a beautiful style with a profound message. Instead of saying, "greet each other" it says, "greet yourself" [An-Noor 24:61]. Instead of saying, "do not defame each other," it says, "do not defame yourself" [Al-Hujurat 49:11]. Instead of saying, "do not kill each other," it says, "do not kill yourself" [An-Nisaa' 4:29]. The message is clear: Whatever is happening to others in the Brotherhood is actually happening to you. Any aggression against any part of the Brotherhood is an aggression against all of it. Let us face the challenges of life by defeating evils collectively.

Muslims Relationship with Non-Muslims:

Sincerity in human is needed to have a relationship with people of different religion, culture, color, race, sex or nationality. It leads a Muslim to behave in an open manner to be conscious of duty and obligation to the society. Islam's emphasis on fairness and good treatment to all human beings without discrimination is very clear. It does not permit differentiation in the treatment of other people on the basis of religion, color, race, sex or nationality. Almighty Alloh says in The Qur'an:

"You shall invite (them) to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind enlightenment and debate with them in the best possible manner. Your Lord knows best who has strayed from His path, and He knows best who are the guided ones" {The Qur'an – Surah An- Nahl (Chapter: The Bee) 16:125}.

The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever persecutes a non Muslim or demands work from him beyond his capacity or takes something from him with evil intentions, I shall be a complainant against him on the day of Resurrection" [Hadith].

Prophet Mohammed further said: "One who hurts a non-Muslim, he hurts me and one who hurts me hurts God" [Hadith].

Conclusion:"Be a Believer in One-God before death comes to you"

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