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Psychological Healing: Nervousness





 In our unpredictable social situations some of us would be faced with anxiety, edginess, jumpiness, tenseness, uneasiness, nerviness and apprehension. In a psychological category such is hyper excitability of the nervous system; characterized generally by restless or impulsive behavior, shaken mental poise, and an uncomfortable awareness of self. A person who is nervous may have trouble sitting still and concentrating. Fidgeting, pacing, scratching, and foot tapping also characterize nervousness. It is normal to feel nervous in anticipation of stressful events.



Acknowledging nervousness and discussing it with others can help a person relax, particularly if he or she is worried about an upcoming event. You need to make sure that you don't let yourself get taken over by these thoughts. If one is able to identify the causes of nervousness and get it out on paper with prioritizing effect on you, it would provide healing solutions. Journal writing provides a mental outlet is a way out of prolonged nervousness. Your brain learns that it doesn't need to focus on the thought anymore because you've written it down in a permanent place. This is a two step process though: You need to both accept the thought and not care if you have it, and also write it out in a journal as though saving the thought for later. You'll find that as long as you're engaging in healthy activities, the break you get mentally will reduce your anxiety in the future. Triggers of mental nervousness either should be eradicated or one should learn to storm out by going through it repeatedly without undue overreaction to it.


Reasons of Mental Nervousness:

 Hormones help maintain a delicate balance in the body. Even mild over, or underproduction of certain hormones can cause agitation. If nervousness accompanies weight loss, excessive sweating, chronic fatigue, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, and a progressive bulging of the eyes, it may signal an overactive thyroid. An excess of insulin in the body, usually a result of erratic control of diabetes, also commonly causes nervousness. Many prescription and non-prescription drugs affect the central nervous system or the cardiovascular system and can cause a sense of nervousness.



In case of any hormonal deficiency, get it in your body what lacks in you. For example lack of male reproductive hormones results in fatigue, boredom and lack of motivation. In terms of modern scientific research, ginseng is known to be an adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that assist the body to restore itself to health and work without side effects even if the recommended dose is widely exceeded. Ginseng due to its Adaptogen's effects is widely used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and effects of stress and prevent infections. Ginseng is widely used in the treatment of diabetes, especially type II diabetes.


An incident of the past, a secret of the past, a humiliation of the past, or guilt of the past often triggers mental nervousness among some people. By the age is passing by so the bad memories of the past especially the triggers are no more in vicinity to remind you or no more even in the world to haunt you. Realizing self-evils in it is a regret which eases through remorse and redemption. Keeping away from the people who caused you nervousness in the past is always better and distancing yourself physically and communicational is much better to eradicate your mental nervousness. Even if you need to tell them the naked truth upon their faces, spit it out once for good.


Many saddening events happening to others may trigger mental nervousness in you. Realize that we are in the world of challenges and such events would keep happening, it is least good enough to side with the affected internally.  Console yourself that you are not the victim and it is wake up time to take preventive measures so as not fall in such a category. Sometimes, helping the victims with material assistance consoles own self.


Remedies of Mental Nervousness:

 Activity of body for healthy gains is a primer for general well-being. The most important tool for reducing nervousness is exercise. Exercise is more than just something you do for your own physical fitness. It allows you to easily reduce your nervousness because it increases production of relaxing neurotransmitters while simultaneously burning hormones caused by stress and tiring the muscles so that anxiety symptoms are less severe. If you do nothing else for your nervousness, you still need to start exercising.


Visualizing in a positive way is definitely a more useful and pleasant way to spend some time with your imagination. Now, you may think that visualizing this way is just unrealistic. But visualizing in a negative way is just as unrealistic. Either way, you are imagining what may happen in a possible future scenario. Doing it in a negative way may just feel more realistic because that’s what people around you are doing or because it’s what you’ve been doing every day for the last few years. Get rid of negativity in you and flee from the negativity of the people around you. Look into the positivity which is constructive and take help from successful and constructively positive people who would guide you on positivity.


Attitude and behaviour are the keys to control nervousness within you. How you imagine things will unfold and what will happen can change a lot about how you behave, what you say and how you feel in this future situation. And that can have a big effect on how things actually go.  See yourself smiling, being positive, open and having a great time. See the excellent outcome in your mind. Then release by visualizing that it has already happened, that the meeting is over with the desired result. This is surprisingly effective and will get you into a good and relaxed mood before even stepping into the first, second or twentieth meeting. Spontaneously formulate a positive attitude with a soft smile on your face so that people around you do not show hostility but listen and become supportive of you. Such would provide mental calm and empowerment to whole self of you.


Silence against any utterance from the mouth and pondering with resilience is highly recommended where sparks of conflict become imminent. Such a silence could only be maintained if the heart is with contentment. Uncouth is the man who takes out his frustrations on whoever is in closest proximity whether it is their fault or not. Save your indignation for the real cause of your problem, especially if that person is you. Calmness in action, silence in speech and pondering over the benefits of keeping silence would let you enjoy the fruits of silence later yet your nervousness would have learnt greater lessons. 


Before you berate someone for what you believe is subpar service, take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. Is your waiter slow in bringing out your order? His section probably just got slammed, some kid knocked over his soda on the floor, and one of the cooks called in sick. He may well be doing the best he can. We never fully know what happens behind the scenes of people’s lives. The cranky woman making your coffee was just served with divorce papers. The scatter brained woman checking out your groceries is having trouble concentrating because her child is sick in the hospital. You never know the whole story. So cut these people some slack. 


Conviction in mind relieves a human from the perceived mental nervousness. There  is no denial of the fact that the potential power of persuasion; advertisers, writers, and speakers pay particular attention to persuasive structure and technique to convince a mind. They control the audience through the use of rhetorical devices like Association, Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. They also use specific persuasive techniques like Repetition, Parallelism, and Analogy to further advance their claims. Thus any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with REPETITION and emotion will one day become a reality. Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application―practice. What you practice is what you manifest.


Mind control is what integrates a person towards his action upon a decision. In the world of business, it's said that the three most important ingredients for success are location, location, location. Well, in the world of mind control, the three most vital things are repetition, repetition, repetition! But while I have spent many years exploring the fascinating world of personal growth during my five years of bed ridden disability, I have discovered that one simple fact underlies the great majority of successful self-development strategies. That is, the amazing power of repetition to promote learning and change. You don't achieve goals such as becoming more confident or improving your concentration just by being told to do so once. But if you keep on hearing or seeing messages promoting your goals, they will have a real and lasting beneficial effect on you. Make no mistake – the principle of learning by repetition is very powerful. It applies across almost every aspect of our lives. And yet, it isn't always that easy to apply in practice except for those who have determination, dedication and devotion (3Ds). By having 3Ds concept in mind, Muslim Reciter memorizes whole divine book The-Qur’an.


Zikr Therapy (Meditation) calms down your heart, mind and soul beyond the expectation of anyone. Mental nervousness affects the heart and develops into sinking feeling as all the doors are closed for you. Every human is engrained with Evil Inner Self (EIS) which pushes human to negativity. In order to subdue such an EIS, one needs to involve into Zikr Therapy from The-Qur’an. Zikr therapy is based on the direct words of God from The – Qur’an which have healing power when repeated with 3Ds concept in mind. Zikr Therapy is the assured one from the word of God leading you to freedom from all evils and moving you to a self-sustaining life without fear and sadness.


"(Almighty) Alloh keeps assured those who believe, with the assured word (present in The-Qur'an), in worldly life and in the Hereafter. And (Almighty) sends off track (with wandering without sense to) the wrongdoers. And (Almighty) does what He wills" {The Qur'an – Surah Al Ibrahim (Chapter: Abraham) 14: 27}.




"Ask your Lord for forgiveness, and then turn toward Him in repentance, He will let you enjoy a good life until a specified time, and will give His Favor to all who merit it. But if you turn your backs, I fear for you the punishment of a Mighty Day" {The Qur’an – Surah Al Hood  (Chapter: The Hud) 11:  03}.


For the purpose of healing mental nervousness, repeated recitation of the Chapters 93, 94 and 95 (present in The-Qur'an) give effective recovery and removal of mental nervousness. When recited with correct punctuation of Arabic text with Reverence (Qhushoo’a) and Concentration (Qhudoo’a) beside the application of 3Ds concept in mind, the outcome is amazingly beneficial. If guidance is needed on the matter then contact the author with E-mail given in the beginning page of the book, hopefully by the Grace of Almighty, your queries would be well answered. It heals the nervousness by divinely setting the stage to enhance your efforts towards a solution according to your desired satisfaction against whatever has been bothering and causing mental nervousness.


 Reasons of Physical Nervousness:

 I am given to understand that physical nervousness happens when a human body does not correspond to the urges of mind to perform a task due to fatigued body condition. It happens when a person seemingly quite well for many hours from the past and all of sudden faces such a deficiency in body which compels him to withdraw. The reasons could very well be related to the physical health of a person and probable causes embedded in hidden deficiencies or diseases usually going unnoticed. Such could be Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), Chronic Hyperacidity (CH), Diabetes Type II or something else internally affecting the physiology of a person. The physical signs of nervousness can be successfully treated once properly identified.


Environmental effect upon the physical and mental nervousness of a person cannot be ruled out. Certainly we know and understand that many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, most often during the cold weather and possibly caused, at least in part, by less sunlight and less exercise and less time spent outdoors. This might be linked to changes in air pressure, temperature and humidity. The tightness of the air molecules, associated with winter, can put a strain in our ability to breathe normally and this can cause panic and nervousness in those who live with sensitivity to anxiety.


When you are nervous, you might feel as though your knees are "knocking" together because your legs are so shaky. Your hands are also obvious indicators of nervousness, as they can tremble uncontrollably when you are in a nerve-inducing situation. Sitting down or holding your hands together can help alleviate the trembling.


For people who suffer from nervousness, dizziness is a very real problem that can hinder the ability to walk or even stand upright. They can feel lightheaded, and, in severe cases of nervousness they might faint. Extra caution should be taken to prevent a severe fall or injury. Several anti-anxiety medicines are available to alleviate the dizziness.


Ginseng and reducing Mental and Physical Nervousness:

 According to ancient Chinese medical texts, ginseng can invigorate the body and soul, and it is also beneficial for curing many diseases and disorders. The faith in its medicinal properties was strengthened with the belief that the shape of the root resembles the human body. So the herb is being used through the generations, for longevity.

The increasing demand for this herb resulted in its commercial cultivation, which is now done in various parts of the world. As per modern research, this herb is classified as an adaptogen, a term that refers to substances that increase the body's resistance against fatigue, stress, trauma, and anxiety.

Ginseng is widely used in the treatment of diabetes, especially type II diabetes. It is also recommended as an aphrodisiac and stimulant. It is said to cure sexual dysfunction in men and is believed to enhance libido. It is believed to be beneficial for lowering high cholesterol levels. This herb is very popular as an anti-aging supplement. It is said to be very effective in preventing some of the major effects of aging.

It is also used in the treatment of cancer. According to some researchers, the herb may be useful to reduce fatigue in cancer patients. Ginseng health benefits include its ability to fight flu, cold, cough and other infections. It may relieve rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, anemia, stress, insomnia, and headache.

Enhancing memory and improving stamina are among some of the benefits of this herb. Ginseng is also used to normalize menstrual cycles. It is said to be a stimulant for the immune system as it triggers production of chemicals that fight viruses.

It protects the liver from the negative effects of drugs and is helpful in preventing formation of blood clots in the body. Above all, ginseng is considered an herb that can promote overall health. But it is also important to consume it as per the recommended doses, because any quantity below that level will not be of much use. It is always better to start using it with the approval of your doctor. 

Though ginseng is said to be free of side effects, some of the users may experience sleeplessness, nausea and/or vomiting, restlessness, increase in blood pressure, headaches, breast pain, and bleeding. In high doses, this herb may cause symptoms that may range from moderate to severe. They include mood swings, dry mouth, vision problems, headache, sleeplessness, itching, edema, fatigue, high blood pressure, increased rate of respiration, and decreased heart rate. So strictly follow the prescribed doses and make sure that you approach a qualified herbal practitioner for such treatment. Pregnant and nursing women, kids, people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, must avoid taking this herb. Even those with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hormone-related cancer (breast cancer and ovarian cancer) and bleeding problems, should not use ginseng.


Though some of these medicinal uses of this herb are backed by scientific evidence, some others are still not proved. The herb may prove effective for improving memory and for treating male impotence, erectile dysfunction, and diabetes. There is no sufficient evidence to prove its efficacy in treating certain types of cancer, menopausal hot flashes, cold, fever, depression, and fibromyalgia. However, there are numerous ginseng users, who will vouch for the efficacy of this herb. So seek the opinion of your doctor, before using this herb.


Test X-180 is a proven nutritional product for the people who suffer from physical nervousness. The purpose of my suggesting this product is not of any financial benefit but to offer assistance to the readers of this book as a helping guideline. This product contains Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, Tribulus terrestris, Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) and vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin). Of course, one intending to try this product must do own research by contacting the manufacturer as well as the Nutritionist in touch before using it. So seek the opinion of your doctor, before using this product.


Vitamins play highly important role in maintaining our day to day health. The term vitamin was derived from two words, namely “vital and amine,” meaning amine of life. Vitamins are essential for the normal growth and development of humans. Vitamins also enable the body to efficiently use the chemical energy provided by the food it consumes, and to help process the proteins, carbohydrates and fats required for a healthy life. Each vitamin is typically used in multiple reactions, and, therefore, most have multiple functions. There are thirteen vitamins which are important to human health by maintaining the human system disease free.


For example Vitamin A plays a role in a variety of functions throughout the body, such as: vision, immune function, and embryonic development, and bone metabolism, formation of blood cells, skin and cellular health. Vitamin A is obtained from egg, liver, cod liver oil, carrots etc.


Vitamin D is responsible for intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to osteomalacia as well as osteoporosis, fragile fractures in adults. Vitamin D deficiency has also been implicated in other conditions including cardiovascular disease, increased cancer risk and mortality, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, epilepsy and cognitive dysfunction. Vitamin D2 could be obtained from Mushrooms and Vitamin D3 could be obtained from Fish liver oils, and Fatty fish species.


Vitamin E deficiency mainly arises from fat malabsorption. It causes neurological problems due to poor nerve conduction. Low birth weight can also cause vitamin E deficiency. Nonspecific neurological deficits, disorders related to reproduction and infertility, fragile red blood cells, age spots, cataracts, certain neurological damage, decrease in sex drive, muscle, liver, bone marrow and brain function abnormalities. Vitamin E deficiency may cause congestive heart failure.


Vitamin K deficiency results in excessive bleeding and a lack of blood clotting. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding,Bleeding Gums, Nose Bleeds, Easy Bruising (Hematomas), Broken Blood Vessels, Blood in the Urine, Oozing Blood in a Wound (If there is a vitamin K deficiency, blood will continue to ooze from a puncture wound or surgical site because of the body’s decreased blood clotting ability).Main food source for the Vitamin K are– Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, egg yolks and animal liver.

Most of the B vitamins are co-enzymes and are essential in facilitating the transfer of atoms or groups of atoms between molecules in the formation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins within the body.

Vitamin B1 Deficiency In less severe cases, nonspecific signs includes weight loss, irritability and confusion. Insufficient intake results in a disease called beriberi (symptoms of beriberi include severe lethargy and fatigue, together with complications affecting the cardiovascular, nervous, muscular, and gastrointestinal systems).  It is often marked by pain, inability to move, and swelling. Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome –This is a form of brain damage, as a result of severe vitamin B1 and other nutritional deficiencies and is often seen in people with long-term alcohol abuse. This syndrome can also affect those who have undergone gastric bypass or other types of changes to the gastrointestinal system. Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency is potentially fatal if it remains untreated.


Vitamin B1 is a vitamin that contains sulphur and is very important as a Co-Enzyme, breaking down the large molecules of glucose and fats, so that it can be absorbed by the body. It is also needed in genetic diseases such as – Diabetes Mellitus (Type I), deafness and alcoholic brain disease. Humans must obtain vitamin B1 from their diet, and thus, for them, it is an essential nutrient. Main Food source of Vitamin B1 oatmeal, brown rice, bran, vegetables, potatoes, liver and eggs.


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) helps to break down the calories that come from the many proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you put into your body. Vitamin B2 helps your body to produce new red blood cells. As a result, these red blood cells help carry oxygen throughout your body. Vitamin B2 helps your body to maintain healthy hair, skin and visionVitamin B2 deficiency can result in mood swings, as well as insomnia and night terrors. Main Food source are Dairy products, bananas, meat, eggs, green beans and asparagus


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is best known visually as the vitamin which imparts the orange color to solid B-vitamin preparations, the yellow color to vitamin supplement solutions, and the unusual fluorescent-yellow color to the urine of persons who supplement with high-dose B-complex preparations (no other vitamin imparts any color to urine). Vitamin B2 functions as a coenzyme for a wide variety of oxidative enzymes and remains bound to the enzymes during the oxidation-reduction reactions (a chemical reaction in which one component loses electrons or is oxidized and another gains electrons or is reduced).


Vitamin B3 (Niacin) deficiency causes Pellagra, which includes mental symptoms such as mania, and dementia. Niacin is involved in both DNA repair and along with Squalene in the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal gland. In larger doses, niacin can reverse atherosclerosis by lowering Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL – Bad Cholesterol). The liver can synthesize niacin from the essential amino acid tryptophan. Main Food source – Meat, fish, eggs, many vegetables, mushrooms, tree nuts.















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